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Parts of Speech - Prepositions

Prepositions link a noun or pronoun to some other word in a sentence. The last eight letters of preposition are "position."  Prepositions often indicate the position of the noun or pronoun. In general, prepositions normally indicate where something happened.  "Jeff ran under the tree."  To find the preposition, ask yourself where Jeff ran.  He ran under the tree.  Under is a preposition.

There's a rule in proper English grammar stating that you should NEVER end a sentence with a preposition. Writing sounds better if you properly structure the sentence so it doesn't end with a preposition. In writing you have the time to carefully craft your sentences. In speech, however, most people do end sentences with prepositions. The grammar police won't arrest you, but certain people who are sticklers for proper grammar might give you a dirty look.

Most Common Prepositions

about above across after against
along among at before behind
below beneath beside between beyond
by down for from in
inside into like off on
onto out outside over past
through throughout toward under underneath
until up upon with within

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