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The sad reality is that English Grammar skills have been declining since the 1960’s. Every month an estimated 200,000 people search for grammar check or spell check.  It’s sad, but it’s the new reality we have to accept as the norm. A few decades ago students would kick themselves if they misspelled a single word or incorrectly ended a sentence with a preposition.  Today most people place little emphasis on the rules of English Grammar. The more people rely on spell check, the dumber they become.

This website is funded by generous donations from an online marketing company.  Using grammar check is “keeping with the times” as everyone says. It’s just a sad note when more people search for grammar check than search for the rules of acceptable English grammar.

We created this free, informational website after realizing how many people search for grammar check every single month. Obviously, if people were sure of their grammar skills they wouldn’t need a grammar check. Not long ago, a grammar check meant proofreading your own work. Today it means using a free online tool to make sure your spelling is correct and punctuation is in the proper place. Values have definitely changed. Once upon a time receiving an “A” in English earned impressive bragging rights. Today’s students brag about having the newest iPhone or receiving 1000 likes on their Facebook post. Some of us older folks have to shake our heads and wonder where this generation is headed.

In English Grammar there are eight word classes, also known as parts of speech. The word classes are adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions, interjections, nouns, prepositions, pronouns, and verbs. Determiners are sometimes considered a word class but they are not one of the 8 main word classes. Adjectives, adverbs nouns, and verbs are often referred to as “open classes” because new ones are constantly being added. The other word classes are considered “closed” because new words are rarely added to them.

Grammar check or checker is a program or software that attempts to verify the grammatical correctness of a sentence or passage against the standard rules of proper English grammar.  Like every other program or software, grammar check is not infallible. If you accidentally use the word “dog” when you meant “god.” very few grammar check programs will throw up a red flag because both words are spelled correctly. While spell checker will catch obvious mistakes like “doghuouse”, few programs will be able to determine that you used the wrong word if it’s spelled correctly. When in doubt, use a dictionary.

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